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Endoscopic Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery

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A technological marvel by which deep and remotely located lesions in the brain and spine can be accessed. The procedure involves small opening in the skull or the spine through which thin instruments fitted with light and camera (endoscope) is introduced. The surgeon follows the picture of the interior by looking at the TV screen and operates with microinstruments passed through the scope. The procedure is minimalistic, the opening and closing being small, avoids many complications associated with conventional open operations. The hospital stay and associated costs are also less and the patient returns to work very soon. The diseases treated with this technique are hydrocephalus (water in the brain), arachnoid cysts (water filled sac in the brain), tumors (pituitary gland, intraventricular tumors, pineal tumors), cysts (colloid cysts), lumbar and thoracic disc prolapse (in selected cases). Especially in hydrocephalus in children, this procedure has been a miracle in getting them rid of shunts- the traditional treatment of hydrocephalus which has risk of infection, blockage.

Case Study

  • Endoscopic Neurosurgery – A 16 year old girl came with complaints of severe headache and difficulty in vision for the last 2 months. Inspite of a CT and MRI scan no proper diagnosis was obtained. Dr. Sil noticed a mildly asymmetric ventricle and decided to do a minimally invasive exploration procedure with a neuroendoscope. A 2 mm hole was made in the skull and with an endoscope he navigated to the water filled cavity at the centre of the head (ventricles). There was a large cyst obstructing the cerebrospinal fluid flow, which Dr. Sil removed totally through the tiny endoscope. The procedure was bloodless without any visible scar and the girl was discharged from the hospital on the 3rd day. The pathology report described the cyst as cerebral neurocyticercosis (a parasite infesting the human body after ingestion of unwashed vegetables, pork, and beef) and the after full medical treatment of the parasite, the girl is completely free of headache now, her vision is normal and she is back to her school .